Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 UFO's

As I looked over my list of UFO's from last year, I feel very confident in how much I accomplished this year. I had 19 on the list, with some hardly started and 12 were completed as well as work on others. The ones I finished this year, however were ones that needed to be done. 

Ahhhh - 2012 start - all English Paper Pieced - smaller than I intended, but done. 

Brighten Up Snowball Quilt - used up leftover charm packs. 
Brighten up baby quilt really brightens up the dead bushes this first day of spring. #igquiltfest #scrapquilt #charmsquares

Buckeye Beauty II - one of my favorite quilts, sold to a lady from my hometown. 
Three hours later Buckeye Beauty is quilted.  This is a big one!

Good Night Irene Yellow/Pink - Used as a demo - found the remaining fabric, after it was completed. Gifted to a co-worker of Paul's and his wife for their new baby. 
A quick finish tonight after I uncovered the sewing machine. Everything is back in the closet that is going back in there. Goodnight Irene using yellow, black, white, and pink scraps. Baby playmat quilt size.

HST Exchange- A UFO from maybe 2013 and gifted to my friend Regina when I visited her in October. She was part of the exchange. 

Mathew's Car Quilt - A project to use up the fat quarters he always picks out when we go shopping. He loves race cars. 

Metro Hoops - leftover from another quilt I made. I finished this one up as it was a hard one with the curves. 
February 17

Radiant Star - A quilt for my coworker who retired. I loved working with him and this is one of my favorite quilts I've ever made. 

Sewing Theme EPP - Another EPP project that was taking way too long and not being finished. 
Finished my oldest UFO, started in June 2011. A hand sewn, English Paper Pieced table runner.

Sweet Pea Pods - Used up the leftovers from bendy bags. Made for giving away.

Twist & Turn - The longest UFO ever - 2012 and it took me forever. I spent 2 hours per block and I made it entirely in our camper this summer while we were at Hart Ranch. I love it, but my dad's wife loved it more, so it's hers for now. 

Winding Ways - Gave up on making a queen size and finished it up as a wall hanging. 
February 17

I'm proud of these finishes and I hope to finish up the rest of the list next year. I had a lot of other finishes, but these were on the UFO list. 


Tired Teacher said...

Well done! You should be proud to have finished all of these UFOs in 2017.

Jennifer said...

You really got a lot done - way to go!