Monday, October 03, 2016

Weekend of Sewing

This weekend we enjoyed some relaxing time at Hart Ranch Camping Resort. We also went to my dad's for the day on Saturday, so I got some quilting time. I quilted Strip Lash II.

Strip Lash II quilted
Quilted Good Night Irene
Good Night Irene in brights.
quilted this Maxine panel for Christmas and the Strip Lash III table runner.
Christmas gifts for coworkers.  Take your pick!
While in the camper I made this dog basket for my boss for Christmas.
Basket made for a Christmas gift tonight.
Then a basket for a co-worker for Christmas.
Chess basket for a coworker for Christmas.  Tried the curtain grommet handles and love them! Hopefully he'll put his chess pieces in it.
Then a basket for my daughters teacher for Christmas.
Camping basket for Mikaela's teacher for Christmas.
With the other scraps I made another small basket for ??... just to get it done. All in all a very good sewing weekend.
Mini dog basket for Christmas gift for a coworker.

I also took out the cutout purple baskets and started working on them. I was inspired to finish them up, even if it is as leaders/enders while making binding.

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Sara said...

Cute baskets! I've decided you must not sleep much because you get so much accomplished and still manage to work full time and have family time. Wow!!