Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Design Wall

This week has been especially successful in the sewing studio. I cleaned up, re-organized, and don't have any pressing deadlines, so I have been able to finish up a few odds and ends.
I made three project bags. I ran out when I was going to retreat a few weeks ago and I was mad I didn't have any made up. I had intended to give these away... two years ago, but that didn't happen, so I can use them now.
Three more project bags completed.
I'm really trying to finish up the sweetpea pods I have cut out from when I made bendy bags last fall. I finished 5 more this week. I think the 7-10 I still have left can all be done with navy thread, so I need to get that on and finish those up. These will probably end up as gifts.
Five sweetpea pods done. Only 7 left!
My friend Kim asked for a new coaster, so I made this purple one for her. We have the same love for purple. Super simple and quick, but well loved.
Coaster made for a former coworker in purples.
I made this giant starburst top from scraps. It's almost identical to the last one I made, but with different yellows. I made too many yellows this time, so I'll have to figure out a plan for them.
Finished the Giant GB Starburst top  tonight. Made with leftover scraps from the last one.
Today we have an accreditation visit for our full program we have that I assist with. I planned the lunch/reception and cleaned up the office. I also made my SDSU mouse pad from a leftover block. I had originally made it for a demo, except it was partially together (think 1 corner missing) and it got lost. I sewed up the corner and finished up the block, quilted and did the binding last night.
Yellow and blue granny square orphan block made into a table topper. We have our accreditation visit tomorrow,  so sewing decor relaxs me.
It looks super cute next to the table topper it was meant to be in. I made the one in the upper left-hand corner to replace the missing block. Oh well, no harm in having an extra block.
Scrappy granny square table topper.
Last night I started on the Peek-a-Boo table runner I am doing for a class in January. I always struggle when starting quilt as you go, but once I get going, it's easy. I made all the pieces and this morning I was up early with my little early riser, so I worked on this for 1/2 hour. Got the center started and I'll be ready to work on it when I get home tonight.
Started my Peek a Boo runner this morning.  Getting up an hour early fave me some extra time to sew. #gedesigns


Sara said...

Good luck on that accreditation review. I'm sure it went perfectly.

It's always fun to see the Jacks colors!

Alycia Quiltygirl.com said...

Your blue and yellow is amazing! I love those colors together. Great project bags too!!