Thursday, March 03, 2016

Scrappy Mini Granny Square

Last night I was feeling the need to work on a lot of different projects at once. I started sewing 2.5"x 18.5" strips together for a TATW quilt while the kids were watching cartoons. Mikaela decided to help me, which was actually a good thing. I had 5 piles of strips and she would randomly pull from each pile for me to sew them together. Since I struggle with scraps and things not matching, this took away my control and made it way easier to sew them.

When I did the batik TATW, I put them in groups of six fabrics and made a couple blocks at a time, being very careful with my fabric selections. This time I'm putting to strips together, sewing them and when I have a big stack, I put them into 3 sections of 2 and sew those together. I was able to get 7 done last night. Now that they are done, I bring them to work and cut them into 6 - 2.5" sections, then start ripping them apart at lunch, so when I get home, I am able to sew them back together. I love the sewing them back together part.

After the kids went to bed, I made two more mini granny square blocks. These are 4.5" finished blocks. I have 6 made and three more laid out. I think I may make 16 since I have enough scraps cut.

In between both projects I started sewing brown/pink cowgirl scraps into blocks. I'm doing 2.5"x5" bricks, which I sewed into 2's and now I'm sewing them into 4's. They are for a coin quilt, made with the very last of the Riley Blake pink/brown cowgirl fabric from several years ago. I've made at least 4 quilts out of the fabric so far.

Tomorrow I have quilting plans! I have two quilts I'd really like to get quilted, so I am planning to go to my dad's after work tomorrow. I think I can have both of them done in the 2 hours I am allowing myself to quilt.

Last night's accomplishments included two more mini granny square blocks for a total of 6,  6 trip around the world strip sets, & 6 pink/brown cowgirl blocks. Working on three projects at once helps me feel like I'm not missing out on any of my current pr


Bobbie said...

Please, what is TATW?

Deb A said...

I've had the kids do that for me too - makes it scrappy and completely out of our control... and the kids love it. Great job.