Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mid August Quilting Accomplishments - 13/13

This month I am staying very busy sewing. I have a lot of mid-done projects, but at least I am making progress. I started my amish rubic star that a bunch of us are working on in my hexie group. I wanted to make sure I liked my colors so I did one blue diamond. I also have a green one done. I had to replace a couple diamonds in the green because I didn't like them. I have all the diamonds basted and am working on the purple squares.

These are the threads I have pulled. A good collection of Aurifil threads to sew the diamonds together with and they all fit in one of my Keep on Sewing Plastic bags. I may have to make a few more just for keeping my thread together for travel.

I've been busy this month finishing up a couple projects for my Scrap Swap I am doing with a bunch of sewing friends. I made this project from Emilee's leftovers and hope to get a couple more little things done in the next couple weeks. I just need to put binding on so I can put it in the fair.
I also worked on this swoon block. It actually took me 3 nights to complete compared to 1 since i only worked on a step at a time and for an hour or less each night. I'd like to get one more done yet this month.
This is one of my older UFO's and one I don't really care for anymore, so I'm so glad it is completely finished! Last week I got 3 quilts ready and quilted them up really quick so I could get them out of my way. I need some more finishes for the UFO challenge. I need to go back and check how many/much I finished in July, but it wasn't nearly enough. I'm trying to balance new and old so I don't get too bored. I pulled out a couple extremely old/challenging ones last night when I cleaned that I would like to make progress on too.
This is one of mom's UFO's. It's called friendship stars I think and she made the top as a sample for a class, but I don't know if she even taught the class. It's going to be a table topper when I get the binding on. I'm not sure if I will keep it or gift it, but I just want it done. The top was done, I just pieced the back and batting and quilted/bond it.
The major project for me this month is called Diamond Hexie's. It's for the Hexie Queen blog hop coming up next week. I just have to finish the binding and I'll be ready for the blog hop. I've also been working hard on gather and preparing my quilts for the county fair this week. I received a 1st and 2 2nd's on my quilts at the Custer county fair last weekend. Ann submitted them for me. This week I have 17 to enter in the quilt division and 4 for the sewing division. Tonight I plan to make sure they are all ready, measured and I have all the information written down.
My graduate class is going well. I'm done with the 3rd LP which means I only have 2 left, or 4 weeks. I'm getting so close to being done with the program that I can almost taste it. Two classes left.

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Sara said...

You will feel so relieved to pick up that diploma when you do finish your program. It's hard work getting a degree while working and having family time. I remember very well.

The rubic diamond is so pretty in those blues. Can't wait to see how that progresses. Good luck on those projects at the fair.