Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mathew Paul 4 months

Mathew turned 4 months old on April 5th. He then proceeded to spend the rest of the month sick. He caught the same bug Mikaela had and then shared it back and forth with mommy & Mikaela all month. We stayed home a couple days from work, from church, and even had a few snow days to help us recouperate, but even those didn't help. We were all sick! Luckily daddy stayed healthy and could make us soup and get us juice. At his 4 month appointment on April 29th. He weighed 14lbs. 6oz. and was 25.25" tall.
 Mathew is on the afghan he got from Dad and Ann for his baptism. Ann's sister Marti made it and the amazing thing is she's almost blind and yet she can knit to no end. She does beautiful work. The outfit is one of my favorites of Mikaela's. It's from my co-worker Kay and she picks some awesome outfits.
Mathew 2013-04-03 002

Mathew 2013-04-03 004
Mathew is just starting to smile more.
Mathew 2013-04-03 018

Mathew 2013-04-03 024
He can finally be perched up and hold his head up.
Mathew 2013-04-03 037

Mathew 2013-04-03 039
Mikaela is starting to learn to color, however she colors on everything. Thank goodness for Mr. Clearn magic erasers! We didn't have any coloring books, so she colored on junk mail with the crayons from Famous Daves. She's now got several coloring books, crayons, and she's discovered stickers.
Kids 2013-04-04 002

Kids 2013-04-04 005
Mathew is also setting up and loves to sit while we make supper and even sits at the table while we eat.
Kids 2013-04-04 007
He's definately got the drooling going on.
Kids 2013-04-04 008

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