Monday, January 12, 2009

Other Projects at SOYO

Here's the line up of other quilters projects from this weekend. Mom started and finished the top of this Valentine's tablerunner from our newest Hoffman heart fabric. She got it done on Friday night after putting the binding on her poinsetta quilt.
It's really long, but turned out cool for how simple it is. The pattern is from a new Fons and Porter magazine. If I remember right, it had pieced blocks and she used a square of fabric instead.
Martha came on Sat. and worked on this paper pieced masterpiece. We call her the PP Queen. She was figuring out how to miter her corners, so had it up on the design wall.
Jodi finished this awesome quilt. It's pretty simple, but the border really sets it off. She had this finished by Sat. morning. I love the squares in the corners. She got the fabric when she was in IA. I was interested as I hadn't seen it around here. She also made the new Lazy Girl Mini Miranda but I forgot to take a picture.
Jodi's friends Cathy and Sandy each made one of these quilts. I believe it was Pocketful of Pansies or something like that. They both turned out very cool. The centers were a little fuzzy, which made them neat.
Cathy (co-worker) and Joan, were both working on this strip club quilt from 2006. They both got them together, Joan got borders on hers which is below.
One lady was working on a one block wonder quilt. She had it up on the design wall working all weekend on it. I never did catch her name although we visited with her in the hot tub. She thought I was a little kid as I was screaming as I went down the water slide. It was just so much fun and I hadn't done that in ages.
Jenn worked on the Snapshots quilt from the Happy Hour book. We were both going to make one, but I ran out of time. This is only Jenn's second quilt and she did an awesome job. I helped her lay them out and then she decided she had enough for a lap quilt and a baby quilt, so that's what she did. This is the lap.
She put the borders on it and had the backing ready Sat. night. I taught her how to layer the quilt and baste it with safety pins on Sunday. She started quilting, but had tension issues and had to rip. She ran out of bobbin thread after doing about 6 seams when sewing her blocks. She was so funny! Every time one of us ran out of bobbin thread, we called it a Jenn moment! I think she had a great time for her very first quilting retreat.
I'm hoping to get mine together yet this month, but we'll see how much quilting I get done over the course of the next week/weekend. There were about 50+- people there, more on Sat. less on Friday day and Sunday. It was a ton of fun and I can't wait for next year. It has so put me in the mood to quilt again.


Jen said...

Wow those are some cool quilts that got worked on!! I really like that paper pieced quilt.

Kristie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Such beautiful quilts! Love them all!

Jenn Boerger said...

Thanks for all your help this weekend (and to your mom, too!). Had a blast with you, and loved seeing all the fun projects!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

So many creative people in one place that must have been awesome. I really like your moms table runner.. I think I have that magazine too.